Shipping Information

You may be grousing about the shipping prices. To be honest, I actually end up losing money on the shipping.

We've all become spoiled by and the fact that they are in bed with shippers and do such volume they can get good deals on shipping.

I'm just a one man show here, and you guessed it, I will even be packing up and taking your order to the UPS store near me.

The book is quite heavy, often costing $9-14 to ship.

The DVD is not much better, as the base rate for the package is around $9.00-$11.00. You can see for youself. Go to UPS and put the UPS dimensitons of the envelope and weight. It's nuts!

All orders, unless they are a P.O. Box, are shipped via UPS. I prefer to not ship to U.S. Postal boxes, though if you use a private box company like UPS Store or their like, then that is fine.

YOUR PRIVACY: Orders are shipped in a plain package and the return address is my name Bryan Ockert for the UPS shipping store that I use.

There is however a sticker with my Green arrow C on the package. This helps the UPS staff remember who the package is shipping from and still maintains anonymity. If you think a Green C with an arrow in it gives out too much info of the source, I think then you shouldn't place an order (or you have imagined the popularity of my site as being that identifiable!)